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Highlights from The DEVOPS Conference - Copenhagen

October 25, 2023

Ewelina Wilkosz

Thanks for being part of the event!

The DEVOPS Conference took place for the 10th time in October 2023 in Copenhagen This year's program gave the audience the chance to interact with peers from the local DevOps community.


Patrick Debois-1

Patrick Debois

Dev(Sec)Ops Advisor & Author

From ChatGPT to Production - Operationalizing Generative AI

Joseph Katsioloudes (3)

Joseph Katsioloudes

GitHub Security Lab, GitHub

Human vs AI: How to ship secure code


Adrienne Tacke

Senior Developer Advocate, Cisco

Looks GREAT To Me: Getting Past Bare Minimum Code Reviews

Michael Vormittag (2)

Michael Vormittag

Head of SAP Delivery, Architecture, Analytics & CTO Office, Daimler Truck

GenAI vs. The Corporate

David Rutter

David Rutter

Organizational Change Manager (DevOps), WirelessCar

So you've merged Dev and Ops, but what comes next? Six real-world examples of how teams adopt DevOps

Ronnie Hilmersson

Ronnie Hilmersson

Scrum Master, WirelessCar

So you've merged Dev and Ops, but what comes next? Six real-world examples of how teams adopt DevOps

Jinhong Brejnholt

Jinhong Brejnholt

Chief Cloud Architect, Saxo Bank

Journey to secure Agility: How Saxo Bank embraced DevSecOps in the era of containers and Kubernetes

andy allred

Andy Allred

Lead DevOps Consultant, Eficode

From onboarding to eBPF - what software companies can learn from submarines

David Chistensen

David Christensen

CEO, CloudNation ApS

Why are we losing altitude? I was promised clouds!

Romina Druta (1)

Romina Druta

Senior Cloud Infrastructure Engineer & Security Researcher, Visma

Navigating Shift Left: Insights from our IaC Security Expedition

Tom Ingeman Nielsen

Tom Ingeman Nielsen

Senior Manager - DevX, UX & Processes, Bankdata

Bots Will Save Us

David Keane

David Keane

Co-Founder and Head of DevOps, Calitii

Go Faster, break less - A DevOps transformation at scale

Alexander Riss (2)

Alexander Riß

Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe

Empowering Developers: Unleashing Productivity with Adobe's Internal Developer Platform

Abby Bangser

Abby Bangser

Principal Engineer, Syntasso

Let's call platforms what they really are, ways to provide something-as-a-Service

Matthias Grüter (1)

Matthias Grüter

Engineering Lead, Spotify

Service-meshing without Proxies


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