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The DEVOPS Conference - Copenhagen

November 1, 2022

Thank you for joining, we had a blast!

The DEVOPS Conference - Copenhagen brought together everyone in the DevOps ecosystem - executives, managers, engineers, and programmers. We learned a lot from the wonderful keynotes and talks, but also from the active discussions online and onsite.

If you missed a talk or want to share it with your friends or colleagues, all talks were recorded. All videos are available here.

Free registrations for The DEVOPS Conference - Global 2023 are open. Join us!

The DEVOPS Conference - Copenhagen

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A conference powered by Eficode

The DEVOPS Conference is the result of the merger of two leading DevOps events in the Nordics: the Continuous Delivery and DevOps Conference aka CoDe-Conf & DEVOPS 2020. Eficode has proudly been organizing these two events for many years to help spread the DevOps approaches to software development and contribute to building the DevOps community in Europe.

Pssst... You can also watch the conference online for free. Sign up. 



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